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  President EchotaRecords USA

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                               Vice President

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    Steve Owen & Don Haddock


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               Ed Gowens

President Echota Records

          Ed Gowens Received an Award in The "Hall of Honor The Atlanta Country Music Hall Of Fame" Awards Ceremony in Atlanta, GAi n the presence of over 1000 fans, Artists and Hall of Fame Members

I’m a songwriter/producer and owner of Echota Records USA and Recording Studio. I have written hundreds of songs since I wrote my first song in 1999. I have had several hundred songs recorded by various artists from around the world. 


Some of my songs along with songs I co-wrote have been recorded by great artists like Charley Pride, Independent artists such as: Donna Ray, Charlie Byrd, Jojo Godwin, Bruce Blake, Colin Girvan, Lamar Hunter, T'onna & Bridgit Ray , Gail Russell, Loraine (Washburn) Gordon, Bruce Greaves, Sid Cox, Jose Daniels, Randolph Michaud, Lilian & Manon, Rick Woods, Robert Shell Horse, Richard Draime and Bob Harvey (founding member of Jefferson Airplane) to name a few plus many others.


I feel very fortunate and honored that these great artists wanted to record my simple songs. I also appreciate all of my friends in the music business of which I have many.

I thank God for whatever talent I may have in my humble writings.


Yours in Rhyme,

Ed Gowens

                       Tim Hicks

  Vice President Echota Records


   Songwwriter & Studio Technition

Tim has been in the studio engineering business since 1999. He is an awesome songwriter and has had several of his songs recorded by various artists. He is something to watch as he uses his talent to make a bunch of jumbled music tracks slowly come to life. 
Tim has been engineering in Echota Studio (where he is part owner) since 1999. He has received several awards for his work, but he deserves so much more. I want to thank Jerry Cramer for helping honor this great man by adding this article to this great Country music magazine. Also, Donna Ray and Loraine Washburn have had a big part in Tim’s career by singing demos of his songs and being his friend.
I just want to say publically “Tim, you are a blessing to me as well as so many others your friendship and skill has touched. You have never turned any one away who needed help, whether it was in music, repairing computers or helping me because of my health problems, I am so proud to have you as my nephew and friend”
Your Uncle,
 Ed Gowens
President, Echota Recording Studio and Echota Records USA










                            America The Great Written By Ed Gowens and Larry Mercy,

                  Charley Pride Recorded this song and it is on his latest album Choices.

Ed Gowens

Larry Mercey

America The Great Written By Ed Gowens and Larry Mercy, Charley Pride Recorded this song and it is on his latest album Choices.


Taste Of Country magizine asked Charley Pride, 


What has the fan feedback been on the new music so far?


The first time I did these songs, I did ‘America the Great.’ I didn’t realize we were going to get that kind of response. It was a standing ovation from 12,000 people at a festival outside of Tampa. I didn’t realize I’d get that reaction. I said, “Here’s a song that’s the first cut on the album, and you might want to pick one up here.” We didn’t take but 120-130 CDs with us. I said, “If you like it, we do have about 100 of them there.” They went like hotcakes!  Charley Pride Is Still Making Wise ‘Choices’ With a New Album and the Texas Rangers


,Nashville Scene Magazine says,


After a five-year absence, Pride returns to the country music marketplace March 8 with Choices. It is a resolutely traditional country record, with steel and fiddles prominent on several cuts, Pride's still-formidable baritone in solid shape, and the lyrical and story settings a blend of topical ("Hickory Hollow Times and Country News," "Guntersville Gazette") realistic relationship tunes ("This Bed's Not Big Enough," "Maybe Love Will Save The Day") and reflective/biographical material ("Resting Place," "You Touched My Life," "The Bottom Line"). Then there's "America the Great," co-written by Larry Mercey and Edward Allen Gowens, for which Pride says he prefers the term "patriotic," rather than "political" or "conservative."


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